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As an arm strength-challenged runner, I can attest to the common runner’s plague of feeling strong on bottom and weak on top. Cross training can help you balance that out, and get in a good workout and have fun in the process. Pole dancing is one form of cross training that is not only fun and exciting but also offers an effective strength, flexibility and cardio workout all rolled into one.

Pole dancing can vary depending on where you take a class and the individual teacher’s focus, but in general pole fitness involves doing dance routines that incorporate floor work, chair work and pole spins and poses. Learning to maneuver your body around a pole can be challenging, awkward and thrilling, but well-worth the effort. Pole dancing helps strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles, as well as your core muscles (a common problem area for runners and non-runners alike). In fact, pole dancing helped tone my arms and abs so well that I now pole dance — with yoga and pilates warm-ups — a few times a week instead of doing a weightlifting routine.

If you want to try out pole fitness for a cross training workout, check out your city’s pole dance studios and talk to the instructors and visit the studios to get an idea of what to expect and where you would feel comfortable.

Caution: Pole dancing can be addictive. After signing up to try it a year ago, I have since trained and gotten certified to be an instructor, so expect more pole fitness articles to come. (In the meantime, you can read more about my adventures in pole dancing here.)

Me taking a spin at Divine Body Fitness, my second home.