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The Katy Trail in full bloom.

Yessi and I did more trail running today, this time on a wider, flatter surface at the Katy Trail in St. Charles. The trail is nice to run on because it’s composed of a firm dirt and tiny gravel mix that is easier on your legs than asphalt or concrete.

We started with 8 minutes of walking to warm up, while my GPS watch was searching for the satellites. We alternated 5-minute walks with 5-minute runs for a total of four runs and four recovery walks. I had planned on three runs but Yessi said she could do another so we ran for 5 minutes, finishing up by running up the steep incline. Yessi did great on the hill at the end and barely slowed down at all, averaging a 10:10-minute mile pace for the last 5 minutes. We walked a cooldown and stretched.

Here is our fifth day’s workout:

  • 8-minute walk to warm up
  • 5 minutes of trail running at an average pace of 9:46-minute miles
  • 5-minute recovery walk
  • 5 minutes of trail running at10:05 pace
  • 5-minute recovery walk
  • 5 minutes of trail running at 10-minute mile pace
  • 5-minute recovery walk
  • 5 minutes of trail running, including hill at the end, at 10:10-mile pace
  • 5-minute walk to cool down
Total time working out: 48:38
Total running time: 20 minutes
Total Distance: 3.45 miles
Trail: Katy Trail, from Hemsath parking lot heading toward Old St. Charles
Conditions: Sunny, 67 degrees
Yessi: Continues to stick with the program and keep up with the runs, never stopping to walk during running sessions and never complaining. Yessi did really well with the hill running at the end and we’ll begin incorporating hill workouts into her training program within the next few weeks.  Yessi has adjusted well to the running program and I am excited to extend our run durations next week.