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Yessi on Day Two of training.

Yessi and I ran at Creve Coeur Lake again today and she completed the same course as the first day with a much faster average mile time. We discussed running a 5K in June and Yessi is down for it, so that will be our training goal. We’re going to continue to build up her running base for about a month before adding speed workouts.

Here is our second day’s workout:

  • 5-minute walk to warm up
  • 5 minutes of running at an average pace of 11:00-min miles
  • 5-minute recovery walk
  • 5 minutes of running at 10:45 pace
  • 5-minute recovery walk
  • 5 minutes of running at 10:15 pace
  • 5-minute recovery walk
  • 5 minutes of running at 10:00 pace
  • 5 minutes of walking to cool down
Total time working out: 49 minutes
Total running time: 20 minutes
Total distance: 3.7 miles
Trail: Creve Coeur Lake loop
Conditions: Cloudy, 59 degrees
Yessi: Naturally ran faster than our first day working out, and the whole workout went by pretty quickly. I started rambling a lot on the running parts and Yessi reminded me that sometimes she feels too winded to talk, so I stopped being annoying and asking lengthy questions. Although she said she felt winded toward the end of a few of the 5-minutes runs, Yessi stuck with the program and did the extra 5-minute run at the end, demonstrating her level of endurance and dedication. I’m excited for tomorrow’s run at the track.