Slacker’s Guide Series: 5K Race Tips

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Racing, Slacker's Guide Series
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Whether you’re running your first 5K race or have trudged through a few, some race day tips can help you not only survive the race but maybe even enjoy it. Here are some words of wisdom for slackers everywhere:

  • Me beating a guy at the end of the Urbanathlon race.

    Pre-register for the race. I know it may be against your procrastination tendencies, but you will have to get up extra early on race day if you haven’t registered yet, and there may be a line of other slackers waiting to register too. This can cut into your pre-race bathroom time or even make you late to the starting line. Then there’s no chances of winning this thing. Plus pre-registering can save you a few bucks to drink with later.

  • Don’t go out too fast. There’s nothing that says newbie quite like a sprinter at the beginning of the race who dies less than half a mile in. Save some dignity and your lungs by pacing yourself. It feels much better to pass people at the end than to die during a race and get passed, even if you get the same overall finish time.
  • Sprint to the finish line. This will get people excited and garner you applause no matter how slow you’ve been running the rest of the race. Make a nice show of it and congratulate the finishers around you at the end. You are truly a champ.
  • Grab the best food right after the race. Everyone snatches up free stuff, so beat them to the best snacks and drinks by walking straight to the food tents after the race. Once you get your goodies, go stretch, with your treats safely secured by your side. Now you won’t have to snack on a plain bagel and green sports drink leftovers.
  • Bask in your glory. Impress all your slacker friends, your mom and anyone else who’s easily wowed by taking home a finishing prize. Most races offer free T-shirts to all entrants, at the least, and some offer finishing medals and ribbons too. Display yours with pride. You plodded through 3.1 miles for that thing.
  1. I’ve been looking around your blog lately and I just wanted to say that I love it! This entry actually inspired me to finally register for the marathon I plan to run this September! I’m currently training for a half that takes place in two weeks, and then will go into my full training, but I kept putting off registering. (It’s a good thing too, because the half is closed so who knows how much room is left in the full!)

    • Marnie says:

      That is great news, congrats on your registration and training! What marathon is it? I am looking for one to train for too. I am enjoying your blog too, fellow writer! Happy running to you!

  2. I’m running the 13.1 Half Marathon in Chicago on the Lakefront path June 4th and the Fox Valley Marathon in St. Charles, IL September 18th (suburbs of Chicago). I’ve done a few of my long runs on the Fox trail and it’s super nice so I’m really excited! Hooray for my first full marathon! Happy running šŸ™‚

  3. sharonholly says:

    Finding your post was good timing for me. I just finished my first running clinic, and plan to do a 5K next week! Thanks for the tips!

    Now, I should go register for that race….

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