Training Tales: Yessi Week Three

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Training Tales
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Being as popular and successful as she is, Yessi has been quite in demand and busy, so we’ve parted ways for some of our workouts. But Yessi continues to follow her running program, and I can even peep her stats as she posts her Cardio Trainer results on Facebook. Yessi said she has been getting through the workouts pretty well and following the plan of increasing her running minutes and decreasing her walking. She has been running in the evenings instead of the mornings and ran especially fast one night when it got dark in a sketchy area. I know that feeling~ nothing like fear to make you run faster.

Here is a summary of what Yessi is doing for her third week of training:

  • 5-minute walk to warm up
  • 7 minutes running
  • 3 minutes walking
  • 7 minutes running
  • 3 minutes walking
  • 7 minutes running
  • 3 minutes walking to cool down
Total workout time: 35 minutes
Yessi has no major complaints or concerns at this point. She said she has been running along side the paved running path — in the grass — sometimes to get a softer running surface and prevent joint pain. Her Cardio Trainer app also helps her stay on track and know when to start and stop her intervals.

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