Phone Apps to Track Your Runs

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Running Gear, Training
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Nike+ offers an iPhone app.

Measuring your runs has come a long way from the stopwatch days. Running watches can now map your location, determine your pace, heart rate, distance and split times as well as the amount of calories you burn. If you’re an iPhone addict, an Android fanatic or simply want an easily accessible, inexpensive (or in some cases, free) method to track your runs, mobile run apps offer GPS systems that can determine your speed, distance, location and calories burned during workouts.

There are a variety of running apps for smartphones to choose from. The apps often include their own social networks if you want to share your workouts with friends and cheer each other on. Most apps also allow you to send your results to your Twitter and Facebook networks.

  • Cardio Trainer is a free fitness app for Android phones which includes a GPS system that maps your runs, as well as a pedometer that measures your run distance. The app includes a voice notification system that gives you updates while running. Cardio Trainer also calculates how many calories you burn each workout and can be synced to share your results on Facebook.
  • Nike+ offers a GPS running app that can be synced with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app is $1.99 from iTunes. The system can map your run, determine your pace, offer voice feedback and allow you to hear cheers from your friends on Nike+. Nike+ has its own social network which you can sync with Twitter and Facebook if you want to broadcast your runs to a wider audience.
  • MapMyRun is a mobile app for iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones. The app uses your phone’s GPS technology to determine your run location, distance and pace, as well as calculate the amount of calories you burn. The app includes access to an online community to compete with and encourage other runners. You can sync MapMyRun with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. MapMyRun can also connect with Nike+ systems and Garmin running watches.

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