Training Tales: Dennis

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Injuries and Conditions, Training Tales, Weight Loss
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Dennis near the St. Charles High School track after our first workout.

“I want to be able to run in case of a zombie attack,” Dennis says, of his training goals. Besides fending off zombies, Dennis wants to lose weight before his 35th birthday on August 2. “I feel like if I’m out of shape when I turn 35, I’ll be that way for life,” he says.

Dennis’ goal is to lose 30 lbs. He currently works out lifting weights a couple of times a week as well as uses the elliptical machine at the gym regularly. Dennis tore his ACL in his knee a few years ago, and has gained weight since then, he says. He’s never been much of a runner but is willing to give it a try to get in shape. His doctor has approved running as a form of exercise for him, and I am monitoring to make sure he doesn’t experience any knee pain from our training.

Our first training session helped us both glean background information and allowed me to come up with a training program that would work well for Dennis. We did a lot of stretching and Dennis wore his knee brace, and we ran on a soft surface — a track and then grass — to ease pressure on his knee. I recommended he run on a track or dirt trail to minimize the pressure on his legs, as well as get new shoes (he says his are old and worn) with motion control features and extra arch support because Dennis says he has low arches.

Dennis training plan for his first week of workouts (with five workouts per week) is:

  • Two laps walking on the track (or .5 miles on the treadmill)
  • One lap running on the track (or .25 miles on treadmill)
  • Two laps walking
  • One lap running
  • Two laps walking
  • One lap running
  • Two laps walking
  • One lap running
  • Two laps walking to cool down
Total distance: 3.5 miles
Total running distance: 1 mile
Notes: Dennis is naturally athletic and tends to run at a fast pace and take on more than he can handle at times. I am trying to help him build endurance and maintain a steady pace by aiming for 10-minute mile pace during the running segments. So far Dennis is doing well and is looking into phone apps (considering the CardioTrainer app for Android phones, which Yessi uses) to help measure his pace and time while running.
  1. Amanda says:

    I definitely think you need to be able to outrun the zombies. You never know when they will attack.

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