Training Tales: Yessi Day 10

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Training Tales
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Yessi and me in the parking lot after our run.

Yessi and I tackled some tough trail running today at Faust Park. Yessi said she did not feel too good and her sinuses were acting up, making her sound pretty gravelly. But being the running Nazi that I am, I still made her run.

The nearby track was in use so we went to Faust Park and tackled the never-ending hills along the back woods trail. I was hoping we’d have our walking sessions for most of the uphill part because our first run was mostly downhill. But no such luck — we wound up on a long, gradual, never-ending hill during the second run and Yessi stopped to walk for about 45 seconds toward the end of the hill. Even though I was running next to her, I was as slow as her walking pace. It was a really tough hill and I was relieved Yessi was willing to run to finish the interval once we crested the hill. And even though she said she felt bad on the hill, she said she was up for completing the workout and doing another 6-minute run, which we did on flat grass and sidewalk.

Yessi stayed determined once again today and I’m proud of her for sticking through a tough workout, especially when she wasn’t feeling too good.

Here is our tenth day’s workout:

  • 5-minute walk to warm up
  • 6 minutes of trail running at an average pace of 10:57-minute miles
  • 4-minute recovery walk
  • 6 minutes of hill running at 13:22-minute mile pace
  • 4-minute recovery walk
  • 6 minutes of grass and sidewalk running at 11:18-minute mile pace
  • 4-minute walk to cool down
Total time working out: 35 minutes
Total running time: 18 minutes
Total Distance: 2.35 miles
Trail: Faust Park
Conditions: Partly sunny, 80 degrees
Yessi: Had sinus problems this morning but did not try to get out of the workout. We tackled some really steep and long hills in the woods at Faust Park. Yessi walked a little at the end of the second run but then jumped back into gear to finish the rest of the workout. She really hung in and I’m proud of her for sticking it out. In the future, I’ll avoid these grueling hills until our bodies adjust to the heat and Yessi is feeling better.
Follow Yessi’s progress with Runstreet’s Training Tales.
  1. yessi says:

    I like that picture 🙂

  2. Steven B says:

    um… could be way off topic. But… I noticed your legs have about the same amount of bowing that mine have. its bothered me for years because i did not want to wear out my outer bands on the knee. just good to see you not letting such things stop your progress and zest… kudos to ya! 🙂

    • Marnie says:

      LOL this made me chuckle! Yeah I’ve been lucky so far, no major injuries (knock on wood) except when I was in junior high, I had some leg pain issues and they recommended surgery to realign my legs. Luckily, the pain went away and I did not need surgery. Happy running to you too!

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