Training Tales: Yessi: Day 9

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Training Tales
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Baby geese along the trail at Creve Coeur Lake today.

Yessi is officially a runner! We decided this today after our humid, sweat-drenched run in which Yessi ran for the longer intervals — 6-minute sessions — with a shorter walk period in between — 4 minutes. Yessi said when she used to run by herself, she would jog for 6 or 7 minutes then stop and walk to finish the workout. But now she can do three 6-minute sessions with just a short walk between each one. And in almost 90-degree weather! On top of that, Yessi’s pace has been pretty steady, with her increasing the pace today in her second and third runs, an indicator of good endurance.

I am really excited for Yessi and glad the running program is boosting her stamina. We are definitely on track for the 5K in June.

Here is our ninth day’s workout:

  • 5-minute walk to warm up
  • 6 minutes of running at an average pace of 10:23-minute miles
  • 4-minute recovery walk
  • 6 minutes of running at 9:27-minute mile pace
  • 4-minute recovery walk
  • 6 minutes of running at 9:59-minute mile pace
  • 24-minute walk to cool down
Total time working out: 55 minutes
Total running time: 18 minutes
Total Distance: 3.72 miles
Trail: Creve Coeur Lake path
Conditions: Sunny, 88 degrees
Yessi: Was out of breath after the longer running sessions but did not slow down her pace. She actually got faster in the last two intervals, probably because she was warmed up. This is a great sign and means she had energy to spare at the end.
Follow Yessi’s progress with Runstreet’s Training Tales.

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