Training Tales: Yessi Day 8

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Training Tales
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Yessi and I missed our run this morning because of the rain, but Yessi made me proud and not only did the run on her own this evening but also added extra running time, per the master plan.

Here is her account of the run, which is much more entertaining than my posts:

Ok so I did the walk 4 minutes, run 6 minutes deal. It was KILLER! I forgot I need my ipod if I don’t have someone talking to me! lol. And it was sooo humid, I was dripping sweat even worse than yesterday. But I was wearing better fabrics today, hehe. And a kid at the park (probably 15 years old, tops) yelled, “nice ass!” as I ran past him. Awesome.
I also found out that my cardio trainer app can talk to me as I’m running, every 2 minutes, so it kept telling me how far I’d run and how fast I was going. My walking time was about 3.5 miles per hour and my running time varied between 5.5 and 6 miles per hour. The highest I got was 6.3 miles per hour. I guess that means, on average, I was running at a 10-minute mile pace.
Here’s what happened on day eight:
  • 4 minutes walking
  • 6 minutes running at about a 10-minute mile pace
  • 4 minutes walking
  • 6 minutes running at about a 10-minute mile pace (this is when I got the fastest… up to 6.3 miles per hour, so a little under 10-minute pace)
  • 6 minutes walking (I didn’t do this on purpose… my boss called me right in the middle of my break to congratulate me for my rank and stuff. I told him I was in the middle of a jog so he cut the conversation short, but it still took me 2 minutes over my break)
  • 6 minutes running, this was my slowest time, probably closer to 12-minute mile pace. I ALMOST gave up, but instead I just slowed down.
  • 4 minutes walking (at some point during this walk, I turned my cardio trainer off) I’d like to note that it took WAY longer than 4 minutes for me to catch my breath and stuff, I was SO winded. So I started stretching once the 4 minutes were up.
Total time working out: 36 minutes
Total running time: 18 minutes
Total Distance: 2.6 miles
Trail: Spanish Lake path
Conditions: Cloudy, 77 degrees
Yessi: Did an amazing job on her first solo run of our training program, and on a difficult day with humid weather at that! I’m so glad Yessi slowed down the pace instead of walking when fatigue struck, as maintaining a jog is important to improve your running condition and overall fitness level. I’m so proud!

Follow Yessi’s progress with Runstreet’s Training Tales.

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