Jockey Underwire Sports Bra Review

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Reviews, Running Gear
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Jockey doesn't just have plain white, flattening sports bras anymore.

MSRP: $32

Star rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Fabric: 67 percent nylon, 27 percent polyester

Pros: Fashionable, non-flattening sports bra with cute striped pattern, moisture-wicking fabric, lined underwire cups for extra shape

Cons: Jockey rates this sports bra as “medium impact” and it indeed does not seem ideal for heavy use, i.e. long runs or marathons, as it is not extremely supportive. Also, does not offer extra support for larger-busted women.

Runner: Marnie Kunz

Luckily, sports bras have come a long way from the flattening, solid-colored blocks that made women feel not only like boys but unfashionable ones at that.

I picked up this cute sports bra at Marshall’s (for $14.99 – Marshall’s has great discounts on Nike, Puma, Jockey, New Balance and other brands of running clothes) and gave it a spin on my next run.

I found this sports bra generally comfortable and fun to run in for a change from my usual solid-colored bras. The sports bra has underwire cups that counteract the usual flattening effect of sports bras, offering a nice silhouette while still feeling comfortable because of the seamless, stretchy material. The lining in the sports bra also made me feel comfortable running shirtless on hot days because no one can see through the bra, unlike some sports bras, which only offer one or two thin layers of fabric.

I felt the bra was supportive enough for me, offering a decent amount of motion control. But maybe I went too far for form over function because the underwire cups may have given me too much of a boost, because I felt like my boobs were almost popping out the top sometimes, making me hesitant to run shirtless again with it on hot days. I would not advise the bra for long runs or if you have a large chest, because the support is adequate but not sufficient for any extra strain.

Overall, I would recommend this sports bra if you want to try a cute, moisture-wicking sports bra that gives you a little extra boost in the bust. But for marathon running or women who do not need a boost, I’d go for a more stable, supportive bra.


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