How to Spice Up Your Running Routine

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Motivation, Training
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Trail running can offer a nice change of pace for workouts.

If you’ve run yourself into a rut with your workouts, check out these quick tips to get you up on your feet and running happily again:

  • Switch up the scenery.  Instead of trudging down the same path every day, go to a nearby park, take a different loop or try making your own route. New scenery can be inspiring and motivating.
  • Listen to some tunes. Create an upbeat workout soundtrack and get pumped to run. Change up your music every once in a while to prevent boredom.
  • Run for a cause. Sign up for a charity race to benefit a worthy cause – whether it’s homeless pets or cancer survivors that you’re running for, your workouts will gain new meaning when you train for a charitable race.
  • Run with different partners. It’s not cheating if it’s running — changing up who you run with can help you vary your training runs and pace, as different partners will have different running times, route ideas and fitness levels.
  • Take a trip. Go on a day trip — or even an overnight trip — to run someplace completely different. Check out a local campground’s trails or venture to a quaint B&B for refuge after a run in the wilderness.
  • Fulfill the need for speed. Add some speed work to your training to stay on your toes with new challenges. Set goals to lower your interval times each week or aim to slash your race times after completing some speed work training.

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